Rainy day

The rain was very intense and I needed to interview people. After hours of thinking about how to approach people, I realized that businesses don’t have many customers because of the rain. It was a perfect opportunity to approach business owners and talk with them for hours, so that’s what I did. I also went to Laundromats. I have noticed that they are good places to talk to people. People need to wait for their clothes, so they have plenty of time to talk, with no rush. It is also a good way to make sure the person lives in the neighborhood. I had no problem getting contact information. I noticed that after I gave my business cards, people were more willing to share their contact information with me. In some cases, I showed my student ID to prove I was a real SF State student. I also went to the tenant convention that was held in the Tenderloin Elementary School. This event was a good opportunity for reporters to meet people from different neighborhoods that are struggling with housing. Supervisors David Campos, Jane Kim, and Eric Mar were there. I asked Supervisor Campos how the Ellis Act has affected Bernal Height. He didn’t give me a specific answer, but he did give me a phone number where I can get data that I can use in my future stories. I also found people at the convention who live in Bernal Heights.


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