Noe Valley Street Performers


Mirabel, Marcella and Jesse on 24th St.

This weekend as I was strolling through my beat, I came across a bunch of unlikely San Francisco street performers no 24th and Sanchez St. Mirabel, 9, and Marcella, 9, are in the 4th grade at San Francisco School. They are raising money with their school for the Global Women’s Water Initiative to build a water filter in Africa. The two played a setlist of classic, familiar songs with their violins and Marcella, with her Johnson Guitar. The girls were accompanied by Mirabel’s younger brother, Jesse, 5, and Mirabel’s father Guy, who stood nearby to thank contributors and cheer them on. This was the girls’ first time on the streets playing music for a good cause, and almost everyone walking past them on 24th St., stopped to listen, enjoy, smile and add to their small guitar case of money. The girls and their efforts were an illustration of the neighborhood of Noe Valley and their eagerness to give back to their community and the world.


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