Stern Grove in the Off Season.

IMG_9455The 77th annual season of Stern Grove’s admission free concerts are approaching quickly and in my off time this past week I thought it would be nice to see what the grove looks like without hundreds of people.  I was surprised to see a bit of movement in the woods surrounding the area.  Dogs and people run to and from on paths and you have the occasional free range yoga class performing moves in harmony.

With soccer practices and dogs to play with, I was highly entertained in the perfect weather while enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze.  I didn’t talk to a lot of people since this was on the outskirts of my neighborhood but I did get some insight into the upcoming festival.  It starts June 22 and continues all the way till August 24.  The complete line up will be announced on May 1 with one of the headliners being Smokey Robinson.  Locals are encouraged to come attend this admission free concert and bring a blanket!


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