Last week I wandered into the Inner Richmond on Clement Street between 7th and 8th avenues and found myself at Sakesan.

Sakesan is a Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar that offers sushi, drinks, and music. It was a crowded Friday night. I wanted to get into one of the karaoke rooms, but they were all booked.

So my friends and I sat in one of their booths for the food and drink. The atmosphere is modern and has a certain nightlife vibe to it. It’s dark inside, but each little area is lit up. The booths are the brightest and the bar seemed to be the darkest.

They have a lot of food options on their menu, but I can’t comment on the them since I’m vegan. We ended up ordering sushi and edamame for the table. My friends thought the sushi tasted good. I was only able to snack on salted edamame.

As for drinks, I tried the Lychee Mojito, Sake Mojito, the Mangotini, and the Lemon Drop. The Lychee Mojito and Mangotini were by far the strongest and the Sake Mojito tasted like 7-up. The Lemon Drop was disgusting.

Overall, I thought the booth was pretty cool. You have to take off your shoes before entering. It was also raised, so you have to climb a few steps to get onto it’s level. Then you can sit and let your feet sink into that gaping hole and allows more people to gather around the table than you thought could.

I would recommend this place. Sakesan seems to be mostly for people in large parties, seeing as though they only have a handful of small tables packed in a tight corner. So if you’re with a lot of friends, check this place out!


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