Culinary heaven

It’s hard to imagine that there is good in the world until it finally smacks you in the face, pushes you in a bewildered state and finally gives you hope, for a better and stronger future. Okay okay, I’m getting ahead of myself BUT, I recently came across a magical place called Hayes Valley Bakeworks on the corner of Gough and Fulton streets and will tell you all about it here (because it really is magical).

photo 1-1

Bakeworks is a space that brings the community together through one thing everyone loves, food. It is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to connecting ability to opportunity. Essentially, it is a bakery/cafe and I know we’ve seen one too many of these in any part of San Francisco but this is the only one that provides employment and training to people with disabilities who are homeless or those who are at risk of being homeless. Come on, that has got to make your brain crazy thinking about the who, what, where, when, how questions so let me elaborate.

photo 4-1

So how does it work?

Bakeworks is operated through Toolworks, a nonprofit that places people with disabilities and the formerly homeless in job training, and the cafe further supports this mission by employing the participants endorsed by Toolworks. The cafe has welcomed at least 15 people since its opening in 2012 and 9 of them have moved up to other culinary opportunities.

This was just a brief intro to what Bakeworks is doing but I’ll be posting individual stories of the people who work here soon so stay tuned. Meanwhile, try one of their pastries if you’re ever in the neighborhood, they are located at 550 Gough St.


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