BLOG6: Meeting with Jennifer Consalvi

The espresso that Consalvi ordered from Caffe Greco.

The espresso that Consalvi ordered from Caffe Greco.

After parking my car in the Filbert Street parking garage, I started walking towards Caffe Greco down on Columbus Avenue. I was a bit early to the scheduled interview I had with the president of Le Donne d’Italia. The interview was at 11:15 a.m. and I was 20 minutes early. With the spare time that I had, I went inside Caffe Greco and was greeted by the friendly Italian workers. I ordered myself a hot white chocolate. After the first sip, I fell in love with the drink. It was like a Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bar, but in liquid form.

After falling in love with the drink, I grabbed a seat outside of the cafe and prepped myself for the interview. That morning, I was meeting with Jennifer Consalvi, president of Le Donne d’Italia, an all-women’s Italian club. After texting her where I am located, she showed up right on time. A tall, bubbly woman came up to my table and introduced herself. After quickly ordering her drink inside the cafe, the interview finally started.

During the interview, I asked her various question such as why did she decide to form Le Donne d’Italia and if there are projects that her organization is currently working on.

I started this organization because I wanted to preserve the Italian culture within North Beach. I really feel as if the culture is dying down in the neighborhood.

As she answered each question, she replied with such passion and sincerity. By the way she spoke about her organization, I could tell that she is trying her best to keep the Italian heritage alive.

I am quite excited to write about this organization for the next assignment. Over the last couple weeks spent venturing out in North Beach, I realized that the Italian culture is slowly declining. I wanted to write about an organization that aims to preserve and promote the culture. On Tuesday, I will be attending the member meeting as well as meeting with a couple of people from the committee who are willing to contribute to my story.


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