Woodhouse Fish Company Review

Yes, I know, another seafood restaurant review. But there is something about the Castro and seafood that goes together so unexpectedly great.

My friends and I hit the beach on Saturday, taking advantage of the rare warm and sunny weather. We worked up quite an appetite making sandcastles and splashing around in the shore, and one friend suggested we walk to one of the cafes that lined the surrounding neighborhood. But I knew better, and was able to convince my friends to pull their shorts back on and hop on MUNI to get to the Castro. After briefly consulting Yelp we settled on Woodhouse Fish Company.

My boyfriend and I shared an order of fish and chips, consisting of three colossal, steaming hot, golden brown pieces of Alaskan cod served with a pile of fries and house-made tartar sauce. It looked and tasted delicious, greasy and flaky and bursting with that classic fish and chips flavor. Our only complaint was it was so flaky the pieces immediately fell apart when we first dug in. Still, we enjoyed every messy bite. My boyfriend said it was worth the heartburn he got afterwards.

My friend Julie got an order of three crab cakes, which were topped with a house-made spicy chipotle sauce and came with a side salad. Ohmygod, she was bananas about that chipotle sauce, and asked for extra to take home. The crab cakes had a crispy crust and meaty, flavorful insides, which paired wonderfully with the creamy heat of the sauce. The side salad provided a nice bit of crunch and coolness to combat the crab cakes.

The three of us also split an order of calamari, which came with a couple fat lemon wedges and a two tins heaped with tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. The pieces were crispy and had that wonderful, firm texture calamari is known for. The tang of the cocktail sauce elevated them to a new level.

Overall, it was a great place; service was fast, the place was clean, and the food was fresh, hot and delicious.


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