A Serious Hole in the Wall.


I drive to and from CCSF to SFSU every Thursday for an education course I take off campus.  Every time I drive down Ocean Avenue I pass a tiny white building with round tables parked under large oak trees. And when I say tiny, I mean really, really, small.  Like one person in the door at a time, small.  This building drew me in, I was curious with the hit tunes playing loudly, out of an old style radio and a Coca-Cola cooler sitting in front, people crowd the building around lunchtime to get a taste.

When I approached the white wooden shack with the single door, I could smell what was pulling people to gather in the plastic chairs around the metal tables.  The smell of fresh veggies and beef cooked in garlic and Vietnamese spices was intoxicating.  Welcome to Dinosaurs(2) a Vietnamese sandwich shop that will tantalize your taste buds with flavor unlike any other.

You have a few options to choose from looking at the brown paper menu, held up on the wall by pins.  There are salads and sandwiches doused in a vinaigrette that’s both sweet and savory.  I got the shaking beef sandwich with avocado and a watermelon lychee drink for around ten bucks.  Their shakes are one of a kind and they include options like avocado, watermelon and mango mint. Don’t be afraid to make your sandwich just how you want it, extra meat, more veggies or a little something extra, they want you satisfied. 20140320_161628


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