Mission Community Market



The Mission Community Market takes place on Bartlett and 22nd every Thursday from 4 to 8 p.m. According to their website, the non-profit organization promotes “family health and are creating a fun, beautiful public space for the Mission District.” When I first came across the market on the first week of school, I noticed such a lively atmosphere. There was live music, food trucks and arts and crafts. There was a wide range of food and smells. I talked to the marketing manager and we talked about the neighborhood and what it was like to live and work in. This time around I want to ask her more specific questions like:

-Where do you receive funding for the organization?

-Walk me through process of setting up the market.

-What made her want to do this job? etc.

I’m also really interested in talking to some of the customers and finding some that go their often. I’m also interested in talking to some of the venders and artists perhaps. One thing that I noticed when I was there was that a lot of people knew everyone. It seemed like there is a community that shows up every week. Overall, I’m really excited to talk to some new people tomorrow and observe my surroundings for the weeks to come.


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