Upper Haight Farmers Market Opening Day 2014

This afternoon I headed down to The Haight for an interview with McLean’s right hand man and brewer Ben Spencer. Spencer has helped McLean’s vision become a reality and is very excited for next week’s opening of Smokestack. After sitting with Spencer at Magnolia for about an hour, we finished up and I decided to walk towards Golden Gate Park to check out the opening of the Upper Haight Farmers Market.

Starting today, the Upper Haight Farmers Market located at Waller and Stanyan will be open every Wednesday from 3p.m.-7p.m. until Oct. 29, 2014. There was a variety of different booths including a photo booth, fresh produce, pastries, rotisserie chicken and corn dogs. I decided to buy a bag of pita chips and Tomato Basil hummus from the Hummus Heaven booth. There were a few people walking around and checking out everything, but not as many as I expected. The Farmers Market is a great gathering place where the community can come together every week.





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