BLOG 7: A closer look at the vendors of Mission Community Market


Mmmm, do you smell that?

Roli Roti is the country’s first mobile rotisserie that sells sustainably-farmed and organic meats. They are at a Farmer’s Markets every day of the week including the markets at Stonestown, Ferry Building and the Mission Community Market on Thursday nights. This place immediately caught my eye on my first visit to the market. The smell lingers around the market and it seems to bring the crowd in. There is constantly a line of hungry customers.

Another vendor that caught my eye was called Home Sweet Flowers. They are a mobile flower shop owned and operated by Lorena Cortez and her husband. Their booth was colorful and filled with California-grown flowers. Her personality brought people in. She said hi and smiled to everyone passing by. I, too, was captivated by her energy.

“What better time to display flowers at the market than spring time!,” Cortez said.

Cortez told me about she grew up around flowers and how it was natural for her to start her own business. Her husband handles more of the business side and she works more with actually selling the items. She describes it as a good balance and a bonding experience.

After telling me her story she asked “Now what is your story?” I was a little surprised by this because it was one of the few times that others asked me about my life. I feel like we conversed more on a personal level by exchanging our stories.


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