The Movement For Unity on Campus.

unity1 unity2School Elections were this past week and the campus was buzzing with news about who’s running and what their goals are.  Sitting in my class on Wednesday morning, I was shocked when a group of students wearing SFSU sweaters stormed into the room to deliver the message that they wanted to be involved in the school’s political board to help bring the voice back to the students.  Not only was Marco Fuentes loud and proud to help unite the students, but had reason to do so, knowing a lot of insight into how the campus handles money, things most students don’t know.

The group of students call themselves a Movement for Unity, “An alliance of passionate and diverse student leaders cooperating to represent the student community voice; advocating and practicing social justice, equal representation and equal and transparent communication for a thriving student foundation.”

Voting for great organizations such as this one were available from April 7-11 and Fuentes and his team were more than willing to guide you or let you vote on their smart phones and computers after class.

You can check out more about these fabulous students at




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