BLOG8: The New Library

In North Beach, there has been much construction both on the streets and on the side. One in particular is the construction of the new library, slated to open on May 10, 2014.

The current library, which is now closed, was located on the corner of Mason Street. After having gone into the library myself a few times, I realized why the residents of the neighborhood wanted an “upgrade” for the library. The old library seemed pretty dated, especially on the outside. With the new construction happening near the library, it was hard to find its location as it seemed like an old building from the early 1970s. The structure of the building seemed very stable; however, the look of it could have stated otherwise. The inside of the library was like any other library – shelves upon shelves of books, an information desk, and a location specifically for computers.

The new library, which will be located on Columbus Avenue, is the last of the 24 branches in San Francisco to be rebuilt and remodeled. It will definitely be much larger than the old North Beach library and will be “seismically strong and sustainable.” It will be a two-story building, unlike the current library. It will also feature a unique public art that will allow natural sounds – such as neighborhood sounds and poetry readings – being played over waterproof speakers that will be installed outdoors.

Even though the new library opens two days before the last class and final paper are due, I do plan to attend the grand opening of the library as I am quite the bookworm. The architecture of the new building also interests me.

Here is a link for more information about the opening of the new library:

- Taken from SFPL website:

– Taken from SFPL website


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