“Easter” In The Haight

As a recovering Catholic, the thought of celebrating Easter in a haze of smoke surrounded by heathens hula hooping and playing hackie sack put me into a spiral of guilt while taking the 71 into The Haight yesterday morning.

I’m used to waking up early, putting on my Sunday’s best, and going to church where I pretend to know hymns while kneeling down next to my insanely religious grandma. I’m used to taking the sacramental bread and wine from Father Leo. Instead I ended up sipping 40s and sharing a veggie burger with a women named Lilly.

Needless to say this year was a hell of a lot different.

When I got to Haight St. and was greeted by this guy. I gave him a hug in exchange for a picture. My Catholic guilt immediately subsided and all was right in the world.IMG_1014


I bought this car.



Haight St. was closed from Stanyon to Masonic; it was a trip to see the street so empty.



My buddy was playing the accordion per usual.



To be honest, I was getting a little nervous when i started heading past Alvord Lake and through the tunnel which leads into Golden Gate Park.


But then I saw two strangers in a sweet embrace.


And these two big beautiful dogs listening to their owner’s rendition of Bold as Love by Jimi Hendrix


Vendors were selling everything you could possibly imagine. Water, Redbull, beer, shots of Hennessy (i thought 3 bucks was a fair price),  t-shirts, hats, socks, cookies, brownies, cake, lollypops, muffins, joints, blunts, spliffs, bong rips, eighths of god knows what, burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, baby back ribs, and kisses on the cheek were all on sale.


The classic “Hippie Hill” drum circle was providing foot stomping music for the park most of the day. That is until everybody and their mother got their speakers and turn tables set up.



Surprisingly, I didn’t see a single cop talking to anybody, let alone detaining them. They were out numbered.


At this point I made some friends.


So I had to put the camera down.


Favorite Quotes:

“Even jesus was stoned before receiving the throne” – Talib Kweli









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