Alternative Sexualities.

IMG_9565Last week was pretty exciting on campus, not only did ASI finish up elections, but they helped an organization known as EROS hold a consent week on campus.  The first day included a seminar on the “Enthusiastic-Yes!”,”Alternative Sexualities” and “Queers like Consent Too!” to promote safe sex and the importance of consent.  I took it upon myself to attend one of these intriguing events.  At first I was nervous, I had researched alternative sexualities before I went to the meeting at noon in the student center and came upon some pretty crazy stuff.

When I walked in, the table was lined with green, blue and red penises.  Next to an array of rape-culture books and alternative sexual lifestyle guides, there was goodie bags filled with condoms and lubricants with flyers for future EROS events.  Helen Hunt, a sophomore on campus and member of EROS greeted me with chips and salsa as I asked if I could take a few pictures of the presentation.

I took a seat across from the screen and looked at my watch with a cringe of embarrassment.  I was the only one there, the only student semi interested in sexual alternatives with a bag full of condoms in front of me.  “WOW, this is weird” I thought to myself.  The rest of the EROS crew walked in 10 minutes late and sat up the presentation. Brittany Chapman, also known as Davina was sitting at the front of the room ready to educate just me.

They started the seminar with the definition of consent and its importance.  After that a few girls trickled in and a boy with headphones slipped into the back of the room.  Sitting silently in the back, I sat wide-eyed and bushy tailed in the front with my eyes on Davina.  She began by showing pictures of her mother, a famous Dominate in the BDSM community.  Chains and whips in the background and a ball gag in her mouth, Davina appeared on screen and she too was a part of the BDSM community.  She started at 16 years old and worked in a Dungeon in San Francisco. “I like to be referred to as a slave,” she said.  Davina enjoys what the BDSM community has to offer but has realized just how important consent is, especially in a sexual alternative that has a large population that role plays and enjoys pain.

After being involved with contracts and agreements with sexual partners, she gathered a few friends and started an organization called  A group from the BDSM community that works together to promote consent and how no means no.

Sitting through this seminar I got a lot of great ideas to write future pieces on and got a strong hand in understanding how what I want to participate in is my choice.  Consent is a very important choice and you have the say in what you do with your body.  Not only did I get an interesting slide-show, a free bag of condoms and some food, I got an understanding how a group of college kids really care about educating SFSU on the importance of safe sex which makes me smile.



Good going EROS, You’re making a difference.



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