Haight Art-Architecture-History Walk

A couple of weeks ago I went on a public art tour put on by Walk SF and ArtAround which took me on a 3 mile trek through the Haight. Art enthusiast Bhautik Joshi led the tour and taught the 20 or so people in attendance about the murals, graffiti, and street art that help make our city so vibrant.


“Sink or Swim” by 1AMSF


“Great Adventure” by Ben Ein


This heart shape collection of locks is painted different colors throughout the year to match the nearest holiday.


“Ghost Signs” like these can be seen throughout downtown and date back to the early 1900s. This one has survived since 1922.



























Halfway through the tour we were met by Barbara Wenger, director of Community Grows, who talked about the work that has been done at Koshland Community Park & Learning Garden.


Koshland acts as Community Grow’s home base, where high-needs youth and public housing tenants come to receive garden education, nutrition classes, and green job training.









We also got a talking to from Jason Henderson, associate professor in geography and environment here at San Francisco State University. Henderson explained to us the controversy and politics surrounding a new apartment building being built at 55 Laguna. The complex, also known as Alta Laguna, will have a total of 330 market-rate units as well as 50 affordable family units (apparently the below market units will be specifically rented to LBGT Seniors). The main issue surrounding Alta Laguna are the affects the complex will have on the neighborhoods already hectic car traffic. Henderson is working hard with the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association and Alta Laguna’s contractors to propose ways in which both the existing community and the new residents can co-exist.


Jason Henderson, associate professor in geology and environment.



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