Apr. 14 Talk With Betty Medsger

On April 14 I attended the short talk with Betty Medsger in the Xpress Newsroom at San Francisco State University. Betty Medsger, writer of The Burglary answered various questions about her book and her experiences writing the book from various students and Yvonne Daley. A short video was shown at the beginning of the talk showing a brief overview of the book and some of the burglars revealed in the book.

Someone asked Ms. Medsger that in the case of Snowden’s revelations, “people aren’t as shocked-why?” Ms. Medsger answered that society is so different, now versus then because fear is a big factor now, we are dominated by it. Back then we were more of a questioning society during the time of the Vietnam War. It was the first time that people started asking how is a war conducted?

I had the opportunity of asking Ms. Medsger, “If Hoover was a live today and you had the chance to ask him one question, what would it be?” First Ms. Medsger jokingly said she’d ask him the secret to his longevity. Then after some though, she seriously answered that she would simply asking why he thought he could get away with this? What made him think that people would not find out and not be angered by his leadership.


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