BLOG9: Green Apple Books

Green Apple Books, located in the Inner Richmond on Clement Street between 6th and 7th avenues, was recently named Bookstore of the Year by Publishers Weekly. For this reason, I wanted to check the place out and see if it really lived up to it’s title.

To me it was like a smaller, cozier Amoeba. It’s a little hole in the wall shop that I missed my first time circling the block. The bookstore is separated into two shops (they are not connected): one dedicated to books and the other dedicated to music and records.

It was a little intimidating at first because it is so small and intimate. Everything is cramped together and it could be confusing to find books because there’s an upstairs area and downstairs area and various nooks and crannies with small chairs for people to sit and crack a book open.


There weren’t as many records and cds as there were books, but I found a record I’ve been looking for awhile. The vinyl was brand new and only $12 whereas online on Amazon it runs for $25 + tax and shipping. At Amoeba, I couldn’t find it at all. It was cool seeing how many little random gems they have.

They also have events such as writing workshops and book readings which I think I might go to in the future.


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