Blog 9: City Club Event W/ Betty Medsger

I attended the City Club event to honor and speak with Betty Medsger about her book The Burglary. At the event, we were able to meet and greet with many journalists, teachers and close friends of Ms. Medsger over yummy finger food and a wine bar.  Ms. Medsger then sat down with Seth Rosenfeld, author of Subversives and he asked her a few questions as well as allowed the audience to ask a few questions.

Before the discussion, guests had the opportunity to eat and drink whilst receiving autographs from both Betty Medsger and Seth Rosenfeld. At that time, their books were also being sold. There were many professors of mine at the event, as well as alumni from San Francisco State that worked with Ms. Medsger a while back. I was able to meet many people that were connected with her in so many different ways. And the Chinese finger food and red wine was delicious!

At the beginning of the discussion, Mr. Rosenfeld introduced Ms. Medsger with a short review of her book that he wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that read, “ It is an outstanding account that solves one of the greatest crimes in FBI history in more ways than one.”

During the discussion, Ms. Medsger briefly went through a summary of her book and the events that were thoroughly described in her book.  She talked about the burglars, Hoover and his motives, COINTELPRO and more that can be found in The Burglary.

One question that a member of the audience asked her was, “If she thinks Snowden was trying to accomplish the same thing that the burglars at Media were trying to accomplish?” Ms. Medsger answered, “Certainly their motivation was the same. When you read Snowden’s description of what he hoped to do, that by providing this information to the public, the public could then make decisions of whether they wanted intelligence agencies to behave in this way. That’s precisely what Bill Davidon and the rest of the Media burglars had in mind. That was their goal. The only difference is that Snowden knew exactly what he was doing and what he had. He had valuable information here and he was risking his future with full knowledge of what he had versus the Media burglars who were risking their freedom without any knowledge of what was behind those doors.”





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