BLOG8: SFMTA Meeting

Last Tuesday I went to a SFMTA meeting to try and get some info on the new central MUNI line that is going to go in.  The meeting was actually about construction that was coming to Columbus Avenue, but i figured there would be some authorities that could give me some info.  By going to the meeting I discovered from the residents I talked to that they were more concerned about these changes than the central line, and changed the angle of my final article to this.

It was kinda of surreal to see people get so upset over street changes.  Yes, people who tend to go to these events tend to be passionate about their community, but there was this one lady who was really upset.  She identified herself as Sarah, but didn’t want to give me anymore contact information so I can’t use her in my story.  She was just going off on one of the SFMTA representatives and calling their designs “stupid” and “idiotic.”  She was upset over how there wasn’t going to be a bus stop across the street from the library, and would have to walk three block to get to the nearest one after the changes.  Her point was valid, especially for the elderly and children, but they way she went about it put everyone she talked to on the defensive.  Roger Smith was another person I talked too and had a much cooler head.  He’s been a resident in North Beach for the past 25 years and gave me a ton of information for my article.

image-4 image-2 image-3

-Peter Snarr


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