The Fringe- A Creative Arts Production

As the Spring semester comes to an end, everyone’s hard work is about to pay off.  May 13- May 16 at 8pm and May 17 at 2 and 5 pm the Creative Arts Department will be hosting it’s annual spring production of student written plays.  There are seven plays that will be performing in two parts.

The first program will premiere on May 13, 15, and 17 at 2 pm.  The first program will include the following:

  • Much Ado About Mathletes: An all-girls mathletes team (that ponders in iambic pentameter) is shaken to its core when asked to do the unthinkable: Let a boy join their team.
  • Knife Skills: One girl, one chef’s knife, one moment of reckoning.
  • Inay’s Wedding Dress: Two Filipino sisters separated by coasts, age, class and sexual orientation clash over a traditional Wedding Dress left to them by their mother.
  • The Night Bus: Stuck in the midst of memories and dreams, a working-class man realizes his gilded life is quickly peeling away

The Second Program will premiere on May 14, 16, and 17 at 5 pm.  It will include the following:

  • Turn Your Head Away: A boy. A girl. And a mask.
  • My Time Has Come: The show must go on. Or must it? Or what if this moment is the one we’ve all been waiting for?
  • The African Spaghetti: Somewhere in the African Serengeti/Spaghetti, love and sanity are put to the test as we join a colonial family on a wild romp through romanticized Africa.

This collaboration of creative campus arts is a combination of the Creative Arts’s theater Department and the Creative Writing Department.  This is a fantastic way to showcase the work of both the actors and writers on campus and lets their school know just how passionate they are about the arts.  Support your fellow students, it’s easy, fun and affordable and tickets are only $5.


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