BLOG 10: Reporting on the Mission

I knew before this class that I wanted to report on the Mission District. I was attracted to the culture, food and the people. I was greatly interested in how it was changing. I remember before this semester I wondered why there was always new construction going on. And now I feel like I have more knowledge on these subjects thanks to the people who let me in to their stories. Although, at times, I felt frustrated. I realized that I’ve learned a lot and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I’ve always been a shy, timid person. So walking into this class was a challenge. How was I supposed to talk to people I don’t know? That’s scary! I found it easier when I tried to just make conversation with people instead of just throwing interview questions at them. I slowly became more comfortable talking to people. I allowed myself to be taken by my curiosity and I went with that.

When I look back to my first week on the beat, I realize I was so confused. I didn’t know what I was doing at all. It was hard for me to develop questions that mattered. As the semester progressed, I started to understand what needed to be asked.

What I really liked the most was interviewing organizations and activists. I really enjoyed interviewing Patricia Kerman and attending protests. The people that I meet at protests were so passionate and willing to talk. At the same time, reporting on these subjects made me sad because of how rapid the Mission is changing and San Francisco as a whole. This made me want to get involved somehow. I plan on going to Eviction Free SF meetings and sending my stories to El Tecolote. Whatever it may be, I want to do something in the Mission. I feel as if it is my home now.


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