Final Blog

Walking in Noe Valley for my final report was bittersweet. As I walked down 24th Street, I passed many places and ran into many people that I have visited constantly throughout the semester. I ate at the breakfast spot, Toast, on 24th and Noe Street, where one of the waitresses was one of the first contacts I spoke to at the beginning of the semester. Then I ventured to the farmers market where I saw many people that I have talked to over the course of the semester. After I interviewed a few of my contacts for my final, I bought some fun vintage goodies from Decor Galore on 24th and Sanchez Street. Liz Winsor, the storeowner was also someone I have been acquainted with over the semester. FInally, I went to buy some hot tea from David’s Tea where I went on the first day of my reporting and talked to a few of the workers. A good and productive Saturday that really made me feel like I was in my neighborhood.

Noe Valley is full of people that I will always remember. The tight-knit community made me feel safe and comfortable, and 24th Street is full of memories. I’m very grateful that I was able to have Noe Valley because prior to this semester, I knew almost nothing about this place that is full of so many activities, neighborhood events, issues, hard working people and so much more. I enjoyed learning about a place that is full of so much life and passion about their own community, that they are willing to go above and beyond for their people and their home. And I know that I’ll be going to Noe Valley more these days for less business and more pleasure!


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