A writer on Bernal

In a sunny afternoon, a writer enjoys reading mysteries in one of the Bernal Heights’ benches at Cortland Ave.

This author is Mary Midgett who lives in the neighborhood. She has written several books and she has been a columnist of the Western Edition Community Newspaper for seven years.

The opportunity to write for the paper came to her when she was sitting in a coffee shop. She was talking with a friend when she saw the Western Edition Newspaper and told him she would like to write for the paper. Her friend mentioned he knew the Editor Gretchen Quandt and that Midgett and the editor was outside.

Quandt told Midgett to submit her work to the publication.

Midgett shared in her column anecdotes of her teaching and counselor experience. The section is called the Midgett’s Corner.

“Teachers and parents love to read it,” she said.

Midgett  came to San Francisco in 1974 with her daughter and son. For 39 years, she had two part time jobs. She worked as a counselor in the Haight at the Westside Adolescent Residential Treatment Center where she said helped troubled teens.

“When I retired and resigned my counseling job after 25 years,” she wrote in one of her columns, “I had major thoughts about how I was going to survive without all that extra money and nice paycheck.”

She would have to be more careful in the way she spent her money, but that was not a problem for her because she realized she was lucky; she could afford her daily expenses.

She had everything that made her happy: writing and sharing information.

She wrote several books such as the “New York Flavor” and “Brown on Brown.”

She is working on a new book. This book will be based on the topics that she has mentioned in her columns. She also is working on the creation of her website where her readers could buy the online version of her books.

She enjoys reading fiction books and going to the movie theater every Sunday.

“My kind of movies are shoot ‘em up bang bang movies,”she said,”The Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham, 007 type movies.”

Watching action movies gives her brain a break from the constant overflow of writing and teaching in her daily life.

She said she has no regrets in her life. She has taken the difficulties as learning experiences. She retired because she wanted to get more focus in her writing. Being in the classroom took her a great part of her time that she could have spent developing stories. Right now she is a substitute teacher in elementary school.

She likes to take walks in the neighborhood and she greets every person sharing that natural joy she expresses when somebody first meets her.


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