Sunday Funday

If you’ve lived in San Francisco long enough, It’s almost certain that you’ve lived through the misty fog, better known as Karl, and you’ve also yearned for those short-lived sunny days. Either way, its a win win situation BUT in Hayes Valley, when the sun it out – so are the pet puppies, the couples, the families and if you’re lucky, so are the musicians.


Patricia’s Green

Hayes Valley’s sunny Sundays aren’t like what you’ll find in Dolores Park. You won’t smell weed with every breathe you take. You probably won’t have people sneak up to you and try to sell you mushrooms. People will be lined up outside the JuiceShop cart, probably trying to make up from a weekend of hardcore drinking. And finally, there won’t be too much PDA going on (this one time I left Dolores Park scarred for life as I saw two boys, under 10 years of age, giggling over a couple rubbing up against each other in broad daylight in the middle of the park – true story). Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that Hayes Valley has its ups and downs but when the sunlight dances over the lush green grass of Patricia’s Green, all your worries disappear.

Here are a few pictures to prove my point.



This guy walked around with his pet bird, on a leash!

Little to no traffic for miles because everyone’s at the Park…duhh





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