Supervisor of District 9

Supervisor David Campos came from an immigrant family. When he moved to the U.S. from his original Guatemala, he barely spoke english. That wasn’t a barrier to him to get into law at Harvard University and then he was elected as a supervisor of District 9, in San Francisco. 

Living in the neighborhood, Supervisor David Campos works to improve Bernal Heights.

Campos was elected on Nov. 4, 2008, as a supervisor of district 9 he is in charge of Bernal Heights, Mission, Portola and St. Mary’s Park.

He was born in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and came to the U.S. when his parents immigrated.

Campos holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stanford University and a doctorate from Harvard University.  In 1996, while he was a student at Harvard, he become U.S. citizen.

Campos worked as a private attorney and then he became deputy city. He said in an interview available on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors website, that this country have gave him many opportunities that he feels the responsibility to give back.

Geer Gainer, who is a resident of Bernal Heights, said she has seen Supervisor Campos at some events organized by the community.

“He is more engage than other supervisors that I have seen in other neighborhoods,” she said.

Andrea Kegan is also a resident in the neighborhood. She said Campos is accessible for people who want to approach him.

One time she said one of the slides where her daughter played at Bernal Playground was broken, so she called Campos’ office at City Hall.  Even though Kegan didn’t talk with Campos directly, she talked with his Assistant Nate Albee, and explained her about it.

“I was surprised his assistant called me back,” she said.

She wasn’t sure if Campos had the slide repaired, but now it is.

Campos advocates for affordable housing. In a governing board meeting on Wednesday, he said evictions of low income families in San Francisco is a huge issue. He and his staff will work to find solutions that can address the problem. One solution will be, he will work with a group of experts to conduct an analysis to have a better picture of how many people have been displaced. He said it will be a deep research.

Campos will be on the “Legacy: 35 Years of Building Community,” a fundraiser organized by Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.


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